The Best White Elephant Gifts (By Price)

white elephant gift ideas

White Elephant, Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap- all similar and very likely that you have been to a funny gift exchange before. On average, we attend 3 a year with different groups of family and friends. It is always funny, always a good time, and one of my favorite activities at parties! Here are the best white elephant gifts (separated by price) to bring to all your swaps this year!

If you have never heard of White Elephant, Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap, the basis of the game is where every guest brings a gift wrapped. You place the gift in the center and everyone draws a number. Each person takes a turn picking a gift, but gifts can also be stolen from one another a set amount of times. It is usually pretty hilarious to watch. There are different way to play, but the basis is the same

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white elephant gift ideas

My favorite place to find Dirty Santa Gifts are Amazon, Target, and Local Thrift Stores. Make sure you know the “rules” before you find your gift. At some parties they want only new items, under $5, practical, and some don’t care. There is no right or wrong. Know your audience a little before you go. If I took some of these to a family party, I know they would not think it is as funny as us, but if I took them to a friend gathering, they would be a huge hit. Or take a chance and see who laughs!

There are tons of other gift ideas that you could bring, but most of our parties limit is $5-15 so we created more for that range.

Crowd Pleasers- the best white elephant gifts (by price)

Here are some of my favorite ideas that I have done in the past, or have seen done that always make others laugh.

1. an awkward family photo/ embarrassing photo of someone in the group nicely framed (this often gets brought back year after year and is funny to see who ends up with it)
2. a half eaten box of cereal
3. a t shirt with party member’s faces- one year I used iron on transfer paper and printed a bunch of photos of just my sister in law and made a shirt of her face everywhere.
4. gift cards that have random amount leftover. We brought about 10 gift card that had between 10 cents and 3 dollars left on them
5. Gift Card- when in doubt, grab a gift card in an appropriate for the party amount

Funny White Elephant Gifts- the best white elephant gifts (by price)

Random Funny Gifts Under $10

white elephant gift ideas

1. My First Fire – Ages 2+ $6.99
2. Desktop Boxing -$9.99
3. Novelty Toilet Paper– $8.95
4. 52 Things to do While You Poo-$9.98
5. Nature Calls Wall Calendar– $7.49
6. Screaming Goat Book and Figure– $8.66
7. Beer Belly Fanny Pack-$9.99
8. Infinity Fidget Toy– $9.95
9. Wacky Waving Inflatable– $7.99
10. Dog Butts Coloring Book– $6.99
11. Novelty Bandaids– $5.99
12. Llama Bandaids– $5.99
13. Grow a Boyfriend– $5.99
14. Instant Underpants– $5.35
15. Desktop Bowling– $8.99
16. Desktop Cornhole– $9.99
17. Fake Cockroaches– $5.99
18. Corgi Butts Calendar– $8.99

$10 and over

white elephant gift ideas

1. Potty Putter-$12.32
2. Dinosaur Taco Stand– $14.98
3. Toilet Timer– $15.99
4. Tortilla Blanket-$16.99
5. Hot Dog and Bun Toaster-$19
6. 16 Color Toilet Night Light– $11.99
7. Pooping Pooches– $16.99
8. Funny Animal Socks– $10.99
9. 6 Pack Whoopie Cushion– $10.49
10. Dwight Schrute Sequin Pillow-$10.99
11. Light Saber Chopsticks– $10.99
12. Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow-$10.99
13. Mullet Wig– $15.99
14. The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information-$12.99
15. Who’s Your Daddy Mug– $11.99

$20 and over

Pizza Blanket– $21.99
Wookie Mask– $30- this one is on the pricier side, but sooo funny
Decision Maker– $20

Gag Gifts are a funny way to celebrate and I hope your family finds these enjoyable and as fun as we do at times.

Practical Gifts

Under $10

white elephant gift ideas

1. Waterproof Phone Pouches- $7.99
2. Pop Socket– $9.99
3. Microwave Cleaner– $9.99
4. Avocado Planting Kit– $9.99
5. Mop Slippers– $7.99
6. Clean/ Dirty Dishwasher Magnet– $8.99
7. Mini Waffle Maker– $9.99

Under $20

white elephant gift ideas

1. Tactical Flashlight– $12.99
2. Fireproof Bag– $10.99
3.Snap n Strain Strainer– $16.99
4. Foot Massager– $14.99
5. Squatty Potty– $15.99
6. Taco Stand– $11.99
7. Cozy Blanket– $15.99
8. Fusion WaterBottle– $15.99

Other Funny Gift Ideas for your White Elephant Party

Toilet Paper Earrings– $5.99
Reindeer Barf-$12.99
Mini Jenga-$6.99
Cheesy Jokes Cards- $7
Emergency Underpants– $6.87
Voice Changer– $14.99
Things to do While you Poo– $6.99

Not everyone wants/ or will appreciate a gag gift (and that is totally ok). These practical gifts will be a hit at the party as well.

These gifts will hopefully be a huge hit at your next holiday party! We love white elephant style gift exchanges and always laugh a ton and some away with the silliest stuff that add to our christmas season. We hope this list helps you find the best white elephant gifts (by price) and practicality. If you liked this post you may like

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