Tips for Flying With a Newborn

Traveling is a huge part of our lives, and I knew when we had a baby we didn’t want to slow down too much. I scoured the internet high and low for tips and tricks and I am sure our experience will change many times with different ages, but we are excited to show our little miss the world. Here are our must use tips for flying with a newborn

We are extremely light packers and rarely check bags, so we had to figure out how to keep our light packing and also add our baby’s stuff to the mix. Luckily most airlines let you check/ gate check your stroller and car seat.

Things to Pack in the Diaper Bag
-Birth Certificate Copy, you may or may not need this. It is hit or miss if they ask
-Extra diapers
-Extra outfit for you and baby
-Extra formula (if that is what they are eating)
-Anything your baby may need for soothing- blanket, pacifier, toys, etc.
-Disposable changing pad
-Hand sanitizer

Traveling Through the Airport-
While traveling with our newborn, we used the bassinet on our stroller and our carseat fit right on top. We were able to use the bassinet and basket on the bottom to hold the travel bags and other needed items. It was super easy to push everything while my husband pulled our two carryons. We also used our Wildbird Sling and I wore her before/ through security.

You can pack through bottled water if needed for formula as well as other baby items. Make sure your waters are out so they can check them easily instead of rummaging your bag.

If using a travel bag for your stroller, make sure you know how to use it and you know how to fit your stroller (we learned this the hard way).

Other Tips and Tricks for Flying with a Newborn-
-We have all heard the tip to feed your baby on take off and landing, which is awesome, but every time my baby has flown, it has been at odd times where she needed to eat before we got on the plane and she does not take a pacifier, so after the first time that happened, I learned to save just a tiny bit of food for take off and landing.
-Plan more time than you actually need. I am notorious for not going to the airport early enough. I hate sitting around and give myself the bare minimum amount of time, so make sure to plan an extra 30- 60 minutes so you are not rushed and stressed.
-You are allowed to bring a breast pump as an additional bag and most airports have a place for women to pump now
-Find a mother’s room or quiet space to feed the baby-it could help calm them and cause less stimulation
-Fly during a good time of day for the baby. We try not to mess up our baby’s sleep schedule too much, so our preferred time to fly is during late morning/ early afternoon.
-Take advantage of family boarding but have your stuff ready to go when you are called. Stroller tagged, car seat tagged, and tickets out. The more organized you are, the easier it will be.

On the Plane-
For us, all bets are off on board. Schedules don’t exist and our main goal is to keep our baby happy. Of course we try to stay on schedule, but we just try to keep our baby happy and not screaming and if that means feeding her extra, that’s what we gotta do.

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for flying with a baby in the comments below!

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