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The Best Back to School Kid’s Books

We love reading books. It is part of our bedtime routine, playtime routine, and so many other times throughout the day. Books are some of my kid’s favorite things and I love how they teach so many lessons in simple and fun ways. I love how many holiday specific books there are and think it is so fun to collect them for each holiday and occasion. Here are the best Back to School Kid’s Books. My pro tip is to buy a couple new/ used ones each year or at different sale times even when your babies are not in school to build a nice library when they are in school. We also love utilizing thrift books and our local library!

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The Best Back to School Kid’s Books

You can find and entire list of my favorite books at my Amazon Storefront, but below are individual links as well! I also have a great list of back to school preschool books below this main list if you are looking for more board/ preschool age books.

  1. If You Take a Mouse to School- Linked Here
  2. You’re So Bright- Linked Here
  3. Dear Teacher- Linked Here
  4. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes- Linked Here
  5. Llama Llama Back to School- Linked Here
  6. Splat the Cat, Back to School- Linked Here
  7. School is More Than a Building- Linked Here
  8. What Do You Do With an Idea- Linked Here
  9. We Need Teachers- Linked Here
  10. The Smart Cookie- Linked Here
  11. When I Meet My New Teacher- Linked Here
  12. Who You Were Made To Be- Linked Here
  13. You Are Ready! The World is Waiting- Linked Here
  14. Kindness is My Super Power- Linked Here
  15. Pencil’s on Strike- Linked Here
  16. We Don’t Eat Our Classmates- Linked Here
  17. Curious George’s First Day of School- Linked Here
  18. A Letter From Your Teacher- Linked Here
  19. Little Yellow Bus- Linked Here
  20. What if Everybody Did That- Linked Here
  21. Eraser- Linked Here
  22. The Pigeon Has to go to School- Linked Here
  23. Our Class is a Family- Linked Here
  24. Time For School, Little Blue Truck- Linked Here
  25. School is Cool- Linked Here
  26. This is a School- Linked Here
  27. School’s First Day of School- Linked Here
  28. The Crayon’s Go Back To School- Linked Here
  29. S is for School- Linked Here

The Best Back to School Kid’s Books- Board and Preschool Books

Here are some great back to school preschool age books

  1. Woody Goes Back to School – Linked Here
  2. You’re My Little Bookworm- Linked Here
  3. Rosie Goes to Preschool- Linked Here
  4. S is for School (Sesame Street)- Linked Here
  5. This is How We Make Friends- Linked Here
  6. Preschool, Here I ComeLinked Here- Linked Here
  7. Find Spot at Preschool- Linked Here
  8. My First Day of Preschool- Linked Here

It is so important for kids to read books, have access to books, and learn from books. Libraries are great places to grab free books if you are not in a position to buy any. We love reading and feel very lucky that books are so accessible to us. Let me know if I need to add any books to my collection, I know I am missing a ton!

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