The Best Baby Swaddles

What is a sleep swaddle? One of the best things you can get for your new baby. When used correctly, it helps your baby feel secure, snug, and almost like they are back in the womb (they like that). Swaddles also help reduce the moro reflex (that jerky arm motion that often wakes babies). I am not a doctor and you should consult with yours if you have any medical questions. The purpose of this post to show you the best baby swaddles that I personally have tried or have heard personal experiences about from hundreds of other women (I polled them myself).

With so many on the market, which one do you choose? Which one is best for baby? Every baby is different and will love certain things more than others and it may take trial and error. Here are the best 8 baby swaddles. For more detailed information on what the AAP recommends, check this website. Please note, like with all your new stuff for baby, they will outgrow it, make sure to size up when needed.
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So, why use a sleep swaddle/sack and not just a regular muslin or knit swaddle? Here is why, these are designed specifically for sleep and to stay on baby securely. Blankets can come undone easily or can be loose and dangerous while sleeping if not wrapped properly. Sleep swaddles are easy to put on, and stay snug and in place when properly used (I know some babies no matter what you do are Houdini and will get out).

Happiest Baby Sleepea 5 Second Swaddle

This is our all time favorite swaddle. I love that there was no extra fabric to mess with, and it was so easy to use. The velcro is quiet, it has double zippers so you can do a quick diaper change, and like the name says, it takes 5 seconds. We used this one until she could roll, and then we upped the size and got the one with open sleeves so her arms could be free. The great thing about this swaddle is that it has a velcro strap that goes around baby and then you zip them in. There is no way for them to escape and risk waking themselves up.

sleep swaddle for baby
Our Favorite Swaddle

Halo Sleepsack

This one is usually top in the ranks, and while we did like this one, we just found it a little bulky. The one is great because you can use it for a long time with your baby. You can swaddle with arms in, or arms out. There are also two zippers for easy diaper change.

baby sleep swaddle, halo brand
The Halo Sleepsack

Nested Bean

This is the only swaddle on the list we did not try, but was recommended by many parents. This swaddle features a weighted bean in the center that helps babies sleep because it feels like their parent’s hand on their chest. This one also comes in many sizes 0-24 months.

nested bean baby swaddle
The Nested Bean

The Ollie Swaddle

This one is pricey but a good option. The fabric is great and moisture wicking. We did use this one, but ultimately used the happiest baby one more. We loved the fabric of this one and the ease of use. The only cons of this one, it was bulky and the tie at the bottom wasn’t as easy to use for quick diaper changes. One great thing about The Ollie is that once your baby start rolling, you can still use it. You just need to swaddle a little lower with arms out.

the ollie swaddle baby swaddle
Ollie World

Love to Dream Swaddle

The love to dream swaddle was our second favorite baby swaddle. This one can be used when babies start rolling because their arms are up. This one also has a double zipper. I just love the zipper options because you don’t have to mess with extra fabric, and it is so quick to get your baby wrapped.

love to dream baby swaddle
Love to Dream Swaddle

Snuggle Me Organic

You have probably seen a variation of these ones from different brands, and we have multiple. We actually loved this swaddle, especially for travel. They are pretty inexpensive so if we accidentally left it somewhere, it wasn’t as sad as losing one of our more expensive ones. We also kept a few at grandparent’s houses so that baby could nap there. These ones are great, but the velcro does wear out a little after washing so much, but again, the price is great and they are replaceable. This swaddle is a great option for after they start rolling. You can swaddle a little lower with their arms out and they will still feel nice and snug.

swaddle me baby swaddle
Swaddle Me Organic

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