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The Best Simple DIY Halloween Wreath Tutorial

I love to make decorations for my house, especially for each season and holiday. It is a great way to personalize your space and create something fun and unique. I don’t love super handmade looking projects so I am really particular about what I do make and share. This wreath is so cute and I am obsessed with how it turned out. Here is the best simple diy halloween wreath tutorial.

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I like projects that are quick, easy, and not super homemade looking. They must be inexpensive, pretty simple, and on the quicker side. This wreath is minimal, modern, and I loved making it.

-Hot Glue Gun- this one is my absolute favorite. It is cheap, works well, and I have had mine for years.
-Extra glue sticks- you will need 3-4. I just bought this massive pack because I use so many glue sticks
-14″ Metal Hoop– this is a two pack so you can save one for later
Mini Pumpkins or these ones are a great option as well- you need around 20-24, or more depending on how far around your hoop you want to go.

Optional Supplies:
Gold Spray Paint
-Acrylic craft paint in your preferred colors

You can also check your local craft store for supplies.

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

If you are painting your pumpkins and hoop, start here, if not, skip to step 4

  1. Spray Paint the hoop gold, or your chosen color
  2. Remove the stems from the pumpkins (optional) and spray paint those gold as well. I used an empty cereal box that I punched holes in and then stuck the stems in. I did this so I could spray paint them all at once.
  3. Paint your Pumpkins in different shades. You want kind of an even amount of colors.

Let everything dry thoroughly before continuing on/ glueing.

4. Cover your surface with wax paper (its easier to clean glue off if you spill)
5. Using a generous amount of glue, start gluing on your pumpkins. I offset the pumpkins and stacked them to create more dimension. Only stack the pumpkins two high though or else they will stick out a little too far and weigh too much.

halloween wreath
see how they aren’t in a straight line? I rotated where the pumpkins went on the hoop
stack them two high for dimension

6. You can go as far around the hoop as you want, I did about 1/4 of the hoop and I love how it turned out.

That’s it! You can stabilize the pumpkins from behind by gluing felt or to the back of the pumpkins, but I did not do that.

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