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How to Throw a Barbie Birthday Party

I absolutely love throwing parties and usually my kids are the recipients. This year I decided to throw myself a Dream Barbie Birthday Party for my friends. I know thats a little weird to throw my own party, but since it is my fav thing in the world I figured, why am I not allowed to do this. Honestly though, I am so glad I did, because this party turned out so cute and even better than I imagined. I like to DIY and do as much as much for parties as I can to save on costs. This whole party is completely DIY without the use of vendors or renting anything. While this was my birthday, it can easily be adapted to a children’s party. Here are my tips and tricks on how to throw a barbie birthday party.

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pink balloon garland celebrating a barbie birthday party

How to Throw a Barbie Birthday Party

My biggest tips for throwing parties, is use/ utilize what you have. You do not need to rent a huge space and can create a beautiful party in your home no matter the size. I love creating a main focal point for parties. This can be a backdrop like pictured above, or a food table, or the table the kids will eat at, but I love having something that is big and fun and really sets the theme and tone of the party. I like to throw parties on a budget. I diy as much as I can and typically avoid renting things that can add up in cost. Balloons are my most favorite thing to decorate with because they are inexpensive and pack a huge party punch. I typically buy 4-5 kits from Amazon to make a really full balloon arch.

Barbie Party Decoration Options

-Mirrored Backdrop- Linked Here
-Balloon Garland- Linked Here
-Tinsel Backdrop- Linked Here
-Balloon Arch Kit- Linked Here
-Pink Paper Lanterns-Linked Here
-Drink Shimmer Powder- Linked Here
-Disco Straws-Linked Here
-Pink Fringe Curtain-Linked Here
-Cowgirl Balloon Garland- Linked Here
-Cute Balloon Set- Linked Here
-Fringe Garland- Linked Here
-Sequin Table Runner- Linked Here
-Barbie Head Balloons- Linked Here
-Balloon Garland Kit- Linked Here
-Pink Balloon Garland Kit- Linked Here
-Balloon Garland Kit- Linked Here
-Cute Balloon Garland Kit- Linked Here
-Balloon Garland Kit- Linked Here
-Balloon Kit- Linked Here
-Cute Balloon Garland Kit- Linked Here

Tips and Tricks on How to Throw a Barbie Birthday Party

  1. Set a cute table. I do this for all my parties. I love setting the table super cute and make it as busy as I can. I like to layer paper plates and other paper products to create layers that are visually appealing. For a kids party instead of the menu, you could just print out the barbie head silhouette
  2. Have a Focal Point. This can be the table, but I typically like to have my food table as the focal point.
  3. Plan in advanced. I know this isn’t possible for everyone, but if you can, get as much planned in advanced. This helps me know everything I need to do and gather while giving me lots of time to do it. I also planned to DIY a lot and this gave me the time to do it. I also started working on the actual setup of my party 3 days before to make sure everything got done
  4. DIY a Barbie Box, it is the ultimate backdrop. I made mine for less than $50. Tutorial part one found here and part 2 here
  5. Plan your Menu and what you want to serve. This is my favorite part. I hired out sugar cookies because I knew they would be perfect and so cute. I did the food really easy with a nacho/ taco bar.
  6. Make your own festive Drink- Tutorial Here

How to Throw a Barbie Party- Table Setting Ideas

Setting a table for a barbie party or any party is so much fun. Go all out, that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, but really set the tone of the party with a cute table. The pink possibilities are endless. Here are some cute table setting ideas for a barbie party birthday.

-Pink Trays- Linked Here
-Sequin Table Runners- Linked Here
-Drink Pouches- Linked Here
-Striped Popcorn/ Treat Boxes- Linked Here
-Pink Plate Set- Linked Here
-Barbie Place Setting Set- Linked Here
-Pink Plates- Linked Here
-Pink Glitter Plates- Linked Here
-Clear Cups- Linked Here

Party Favors

I didn’t do party favors because my party was for my girlfriends, but if I did a barbie party for my kids, I would have had so much fun putting together the cutest favor boxes. Here are some Cute Barbie Party Favor Ideas.

-Fruit Snacks- Amazon
-Doll Favor Boxes- Amazon
-Push Pops- Amazon
-Temporary Tattoos- Amazon
-Feather Boas- Amazon
-Pink Beads-Amazon
-Disco Straw- Amazon
-Sunglassses- Amazon
-Pink Slap Bracelets- Amazon
-Pink Compact Mirrors- Amazon
-Spa Set- Amazon
-Pink Beach Balls- Amazon
-Pink Customizable Cup- Amazon this would be a fun diy to add the girl’s names

Barbie Birthday Party

Are you throwing a barbie birthday party? I love this theme and think it is so cute for anyone of all ages! I was so inspired and loved creating my dream barbie birthday party.

Here are a few more fun Tutorials for throwing your very own Barbie Party

Tutorial for Barbie Sweatshirts Here
Barbie Pencil Pouch Here

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