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How to Decorate your Home for Halloween on a Budget

halloween mantle decor

Decorating my home for holidays is one of my favorite things ever. I love celebrating holidays and seasons and creating memories and traditions with my family. Decorating your home does not have to be expensive and can be done on a budget and still look really nice. Here are our favorite tips and tricks and favorite ways to decorate your home for halloween on a budget.

So How Much Did I Spend?
This year I spent around $30 on supplies for my whole house. I reused so much and mostly just bought more bats, some paint, and a few other random items for halloween.

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Tips and Tricks

  1. Buy decor when it is on clearance after the holiday and save it for the next year. This is my favorite thing to do build my stash. Most things can be painted/ repurposed, so if it isn’t the right color, buy it anyway and fix it up.
  2. If you do not want to wait for halloween decor after the holiday, thats ok, buy it when it goes on sale at Michaels, Joann and Hobby Lobby. All three stores usually have at least 40 percent off their halloween pretty much throughout the whole season and you can get nice decor for cheaper.
  3. Mix real and fake pumpkins in your decor. It is ok to not have all real pumpkins. It is also ok to use all fake pumpkins
  4. Paint is your friend. If you have old decor that you may not like anymore, don’t throw it away, paint it. I have painted so many uglier colored things that gave them new life and turned them so cute.
  5. Don’t be afraid to add to store bought items. Doctor up a wreath by adding more to it, add some embellishments, or personalize store bought decor.
  6. Buy this pack of bats off amazon. It comes with so many and they can go in so many places. I am obsessed with them. Plus, you get 120 for only $10. Probably my favorite purchase.
  7. Don’t be afraid to shop at the dollar store. It is the best place to buy spider webbing, plastic spiders, rats, and tons of other decor. I love buying decor from the dollar store and elevating it. The dollar store also sells pumpkins and they are pretty ugly in store, but they are super cute when you paint them and doctor them up a little.

Mantle/ Sideboar

Decorating a mantle or sideboard packs a huge punch in a home. Layer your decor to build height and texture. Mix prints, patterns and color. I painted a lot of these pumpkins in different shades of pink and peach. Using my cricut maker to cut out dots and stars out of vinyl made for an easy way to decorate the pumpkins.

Spider webbing is a great way to add texture. In this case, I used it on the mirror, but I also draped it across some pumpkins too. When decorating with pumpkins, tip the pumpkins different ways. They do not all need to be standing upright.

I love using unique non traditional colors. Pink is everything right now and I painted a ton of pumpkins pink. Another fun trick is to use textured yarn to tie around pumpkin stems for dimension. These are super budget friendly halloween decor options that I use all the time.

This Ghost Garland I made myself and it is so cute. Here is an easy tutorial to make your own.

halloween decor on a mantle
Our Halloween Mantle

Unexpected Corners

It is fun to decorate where you have space. This is a corner that is not really used in our kitchen and I love seeing it when I cook. Decorate small spaces with a few decorations that will elevate your space.

Start with a sign. This is a perfect piece that will take up space without cluttering. Use my spider webbing for a spooky look and to create texture. Cloches are some of my favorite things to use year round and to highlight decor. In this case, I used small pumpkins to highlight and I love them. I thought this gold spider was unique and fun too.

decorate fun unused corners

Halloween Table Decorations

I love decorating my table for holidays. Our table is a good size so I can keep the decorations on it and we can still eat meals without having to move it.
-Start with a larger item in the center. I spray painted this cute planter I got from michaels – similar here. I made the arrangement myself using a ready made bouquet and adding black accents to it.
-Build out- I like to use different colored pumpkins to take up space
-Use candlesticks for height. The ones I bought are sold out, but these ones are cute too, and so are these

Halloween table decorations

DIY Projects

Don’t be afraid to DIY projects. I love creating new things for each season. Sometimes they do not always turn out, but other times I am obsessed and cannot wait to share them.

I have tutorials for both of these simple projects.

Girl holding diy halloween wreath
easy simple wreath

Decorate Your Little One’s Space

I love bringing in a little of the season to my little girl’s room. It is fun to spruce up her bookshelf and teach her about each holiday.

Check out our other post: Ultimate List of Halloween Books for kids

children's bookshelf

Halloween Front Porch on a Budget

If you can’t tell already, I absolutely love to decorate every space I can. The front porch is no exception. Using all my “rules”, I decorated the space. I forgot to hang my bats before this photo was taken though! The witch hats have been on my decor wish list for so long, and I am so glad I finally hung them! I bought this pack off amazon and I love how they turned out.

Try to create height and layers in your decor. Hay bales are perfect for outside. Outside is also the best place to mix real and fake pumpkins. Target had these cute giant spiders this year and I bought a bunch. Next year I want to hang them on my house like they are crawling up it. The rats I attached using wire and they came from the dollar store.

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