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Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

holiday gift guides for toddlers and babies

This post has been updated for 2022.

We are often asked “what is your favorite product for____ or what do you recommend for ____”. While I don’t always have the answers, and most things I do is by trial and error, I have learned a lot and love recommending products. Putting together these guides together is so much fun, and with the help of some moms that I polled, I feel confident in the choices. Most of these gifts are gender neutral as well. Here are our Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers.

Our most very favorite toys that have now lasted 3+ years and get played with over and over again and by all my little one’s friends no matter the age are from lovevery. They can be a tad pricey, but because they are such high quality and last forever, they are totally worth it. You can use my link if you would like!

Lovevery (the best subscription box, you also can cancel anytime)

(This post may include some affiliate links. Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission that helps run this blog at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Holiday Gift Guide for Babies

This Strider bike is awesome because it comes with the rocking portion allowing it to go for 6m-5 years sold- Amazon
Ball Pit Balls- Amazon– These ones are soo cute

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Toddler Girls

Foam Ball Pit-

Balance Bike- Amazon this one is seriously so cute, but we love our strider as well.
Strider Balance Bike- Amazon we have this and love it!
Bunny Doll- Amazon
Magnetic Dress Up Book- Amazon, this is so cute and I am definitely getting it for my little one. it would be perfect for travel as well!

Magnetic Playset- Amazon
Magnetic Dress up- Amazon
Lacing Cards- Amazon
Pretend Makeup- Amazon

Play Makeup- Amazon
Wooden Play Makeup Set- Amazon
The Cutest Play Tea Set Ever- Amazon
Princess Wood Block Set- Amazon

Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

Foam Ball Pit- amazon
Strider Bike- Amazon
Ball Pit Balls- Amazon, love the colors for a little boy
Ball Pit Balls- Amazon– These color are cute and this is a pack of 1000

Magnetic Tracing Set- Amazon
Brio Starter Train Set- Amazon Brio sets are expensive but are ranked in the top 3 train set always
Magnetic Dress Up- Amazon
Lacing Cards- Amazon

Wood Tool Set- Amazon
Wood Puzzle Set- Amazon
Wood Sorting and Stacking Set- Amazon
Car Set- Amazon
Wood Tool Set- Target

More Cute Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

I couldn’t not add all these adorable Hearth and Hand Toys as well as come other cute Target goodies. All the links say target, but they link individually to that specific toy. Target often does awesome toy sales where you can get $25 off of 100 or $10 off of $50. It is a great way to save money.

Dollhouse Cottage- Target
Calico Critters bunny set- Target
Play Phone- Target– my daughter is obsessed with this toy
Kitchen- Target, this kitchen is darling
Play Fridge- Target, I am getting my little one this for Christmas I think!

Toy Pots and Pans- Target
Cash Register- Target
Ice Cream Set- Target
Wood Cupcake Set- Target
Lemonade Set- Target
Baked Good Set- Target

Holiday Gift Guide for Babies and Toddlers

We like more learning based toys, and all of these options fit what we prefer. Busy toys are also a favorite and these keep our little one entertained for a long time while she plays independently.
1. Rainbow Stacking Toy
2. Colored Baby Blocks
3. Wooden Carrot Toy
4. Shape Sorter
5. Geometric Stacker
6. Egg Matching
7. Race Car Track
8. Soft Books
9. Spike the Hedgehog
10. Tree Toy
11. Wooden Animal Puzzles
12. Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

holiday toys for baby

1. Sophie Giraffe
2. Bubble Machine – no matter the age, a bubble machine is always fun.
3. Shape Puzzle
4. Classic Pull Telephone-12m+
5. Tobbles Toy– 6m+
6. Hide and Peek Pop Up– 9m+
7. Activity Center– we used this all the time when we needed to get things done!
8. Musical Instruments– we took a baby music class and loved it. I think music at any age is so good for their development
9. Our Favorite Block Set-18m+
Lovevery Play kits– we have gotten these for a while now and it is a favorite gift. The kit comes every 3 months and is age specific.

Montessori Inspired Gift Guide

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle
Wooden Shape Puzzles
Block Set– this is our favorite block set and we started playing with it around 13 months

Bath Time Inspired Gift Guide

There was a time frame when our baby stopped loving her baths and we could not figure out what changed. We got some bath toys as gifts and now she is obsessed.

1. Toy Storage
2. Stacking Cups– We loved these stacking cups and they are under 4 Dollars!
3. Spraying Whale
4. Letters
5. Waterproof Bath Books
6. Suction Toys
7. Fishing Pole
8. Floating Octopus– this is normally not my taste, but we got it for our baby and she is obsessed.
Water Toy– these are so entertaining
Water Crayons

Travel Inspired Gift Guide

These gifts are perfect for the family who loves to travel and needs easily packable toys that will entertain a baby for a good amount of time.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

1. Sophie Giraffe– one of the most recommended baby items from moms
2. Banana Brush– 3m+ a life saver when we travel with our baby
3. Artful Skwish Rattle-0m+
4. Teether Rings– these are great for play even if your baby is not teething
5. Wooden Busy Toy– 6m+
6. Sensory Rattle-0m+
7. Dimple Dot-12m+ we started using this earlier than the recommended time
8. Link Toys-0m+ these are the best for travel, you can bring as many or as few as you want and they are so entertaining
9. Musical Phone-3m+ this makes a great car toy, but not a good plane toy because it makes noise. We also like this when we are out and about, just not in an enclosed area
10. Keys-3m+
11. Atom Rattle-0m+
12. Dimpl Digits-12m+ we also used this one before 12 months and our baby loved it
13. Caterpillar Rattle-6m+ this one is a good busy toy, it moves and can create different shapes

Board Books
Cube Sorter-10m+

For Babies Gift Guide

These toys are perfect for Baby’s First Christmas.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

1. Sophie Giraffe– by far the most recommended toy and our baby’s favorite. Even at 18 months, she still loves it
2. Banana Brush-3m +, our baby loved this! She still plays with it at 18 months as well
3. Artful Skwish Rattle-0m+
4. Teether Rings
5. Rattle and Soft Book
6. Wooden Busy Toy– 6m+
7. Wood Play Gym-0m+ and Play Gym Hanging Toys
8. Sensory Rattle
9. Wearable Rattles– these were perfect starting at about 1 month when she was more alert
10. Link Toys-newborn+
11. Atom Rattle-0m+
12. Tobbles Toy-6m+
13. Musical Phone-3m+
14. Keys-3m+
15. Caterpillar Rattle-6m+

Other Toys That Would Make Great Gifts
Sophie Teether
Grasping Activity Toy
Soft Toy
Sort and Squeak Eggs– 6m+
Hide and Peek Pop Up-9m+
Cube Sorter-10m+

Play Kitchen Inspired Gift Guide

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |9 | 10

Most of the items below are recommended 3+ years, but do your research and decide what you are comfortable with for your own children
1. Play Kitchen– we are getting our baby this one and hacking it to our own style! I am so excited.
2 .Wood Taco Set
3. Felt Taco Set
4. Condiment Set
5. Play Dishes
6. Mixer Set-3+ years
7. Ice Cream Set
8. Wooden Food Set
9. Wood Fruit Set
10. Pots and Pans
Wood Egg Set-3+ years
Sushi Set-3+years

Wooden Cupcakes
Play Kitchen– this is a really cute kitchen that we almost got as well!
Toaster Set-3+ years


Swan Doll– obsessed with swans and how cute this one is. So perfectly girly and feminine
Bunny Doll
Doll House– this one has been around for a while but it is so dang cute.
Angel Doll
Ballerina Doll– I am obsesses with this doll and am getting her for my baby for Christmas
Swan Ballerina
Noah the Dog– we are obsessed with cuddle and kind dolls!

Hearth and Hand for Littles

Wooden Tree Set
Wooden Toy Tree House
Toy Kitchen Mixer
Toy Wobble Stacking Tree
Cottage Dollhouse
Woodland Animal Set
Toy Bookshop
Cocoa Set
Baked Goods Set

Shopping for babies and kids is so much fun. We hope this guide helps you whether you are shopping for your own kids, a friend, grandkids, etc… These toys are recommended by moms and most are personally tested by us. These guides will help you with what to buy for a baby boy, what to buy a baby girl for Christmas, and any age from 0-3 years, plus our bonus guide for older kids. We hope our Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers helps!

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