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How to Throw a Flower Power Birthday Party

My little girl turned 3 this past week, and I do not know where the time has gone (I know, I say this every single year haha). I started planning this party months ago because I knew it would take a lot of work to put together this Young, Wild, and Three birthday party. We had so much fun, and I think all of her little friends had a blast at her retro flower, flower power birthday party. I didn’t exactly know what theme, but a few things I used to describe it were, young, wild, and three, flower power, or retro flower. You may be wondering why I threw my three year old a birthday party, and well the answer is simple… because I can, and I want to help you throw an easy party for your toddlers too.

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Here are few things we did and how to throw your own flower power birthday party.

Tips for Throwing a Flower Power Birthday Party

  • Go all out. You do not have to spend a ton of money, but amazon has some great sets you can buy, or you can mix and match like I did to create a more custom look. I made a ton of stuff for this party with things I already had on had.
  • Make a giant marquee number for your little one. It is super easy and I love how cute it makes a space (tutorial here)
  • Create Activities that match the theme.
  • Create custom water bottle labels (I promise it is super easy- here is a tutorial)
  • Make a cake topper if you are serving cake, or mini toppers for cupcakes
  • Have a Focal Point. This can be a backdrop like pictured above, or a food table, or the table the kids will eat at, but I love having something that is big and fun and really sets the theme/ tone for a young wild and three birthday party.

Flower Power Party Supplies

Party supplies goes in and out of stock but here are tons of resources for in stock items as of spring 2024

flower napkins- linked here
daisy side plates- linked here
daisy dinner plates- linked here
flower plates- linked here
plastic utensils- linked here
daisy plates- linked here
bright daisy plates- linked here
gingham party supplies- linked here
groovy plates- linked here
colored daisy plates- linked here
cake topper set- linked here
sunglasses set- linked here
treat boxes- linked here
striped plates- linked here
striped plates-linked here

There are so many cute party supplies out there in all kinds of budgets. I love layering pieces and you could layer any of these to create the cutest set up.

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Activities for a Retro Floral Birthday Party

I chose to only do a few simple activities because the kids coming were all 4 and younger. I wanted them to be able to participate without a ton of confusion or direction. A lot of these activities could be adapted for older kids as well

  • Bean Bag Toss- I made a toss game out of an old piece of wood, but you could use a larger cardboard box, or a foam core board. I painted it to match my colors, and then cut out flowers on my Cricut. I made the bean bags as well with leftover fabric, but you could buy them on amazon.
  • Water Beads- my little one loves water beads! I bought two large bins and filled them with water beads (I used this pack of water beads, and these bins) total cost would have been around $20 but I already had the beads. However, it makes a ton of beads so you can use them for multiple things
  • Tattoo Station- I had different packs of age appropriate tattoos for the kids. They could choose however many they wanted and it was super fun. I bought this pack and this pack
  • a piñata- fill it with small toys instead of candy if you don’t want to more sweets (I used this pack from 
  • a bounce house ( I just made sure they knew to take off their shoes to jump). Mine is from Mini Castle Co. This was the highlight of the party and provided so much entertainment for the kids. I loved having it, plus it was super cute.

What to Serve at Your Birthday Party

You can serve anything you want, but for my age group, I served Pizza, Uncrustables, Goldfish, and Cake. All were well received by the kids and it was minimal mess. There really are endless possibilities for what you can serve, but my advice is to keep it simple, and aim to please your audience.

In past family parties I have catered from my favorite local pizza place with salad, Ham and Swiss sliders with salads and pasta salads, and of course lots of treats.

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Flower Power Party Decor

Create a focal point with your party. I either do this with a backdrop, or just the food table. Because this was an outdoor party, I did not want to leave food out. I used the arched backdrop I made for my sister’s baby shower and added a ton of balloons.

Balloons are no doubt my favorite way to decorate. They pack a huge punch and you can buy all kinds of packs on amazon. Here are a few of my favorite sets. You also must buy an electric pump.

I also made one of my favorite Giant Marquee Numbers, because it is seriously the cutest way to decorate that takes up a good amount of space

I used my bounce house as well as a main decoration. I added even more balloons to the house.

How to Throw a Flower Power Birthday Party- Set the Table

I love setting a cute table for a birthday party. I think it makes for a great backdrop, as well as helps set the tone for the theme. I like to grab two different size/ shapes of plates to layer them, as well as grab cups and straws in different colors to mix and match. I also set a party hat out at each space too.

Easy DIYS at a Young, Wild, and Three Birthday Party

  • Make your own matching party confetti. I did this using a Cricut and colored paper that matched my theme. I used this on the tables, in the favor bags, and everywhere else I felt like for a custom look.
  • DIY a Piñata! I could have bought a piñata, but I made one that I knew would match my colors and theme exactly and it cost about $5 for Tissue paper. I filled it with this set from Amazon
  • Make party hats- you could have this as an activity for the kids, or you could create them yourself
  • Cake Topper- I love customizing a cake topper. I just used paper and felt and ribbon

How to Throw a Flower Power Birthday- The Goody Bag

You do not need to do goody bags but it was definitely a fun addition. I tried to make most of the stuff I put in mine, with a few exceptions. I used plain white paper bags from amazon that I just put vinyl stickers on that I made.

Tattoos- we used these packs


Sunglasses/ supplies to make your own

Here is a tutorial on how to DIY some cute sunglasses

More Photo Inspiration for a Young, Wild, and Three Birthday Party

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