Simple DIY Large Taper Candle Centerpiece

Candle Holder Centerpiece

Have you seen these gorgeous candle centerpieces floating around Instagram? I kept seeing them over and over again and knew they would be a great addition to for a party. I finally decided to make one for myself and I am obsessed with it. I already have a stash of colored candles now for every holiday. Here is how to make this simple diy large taper candle centerpiece.

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Candle Holder Centerpiece


-Lumber, Home Depot has a few sizes of these Douglas fir beams- 4x6x8, 4x6x12 or 4x6x10. I bought the 8 foot and 12 feet and had Home Depot cut them in half for me. I made a total of 4 centerpieces. You could also use 4×4 beams for a smaller beam.
-Drill- this is a great priced drill but we love this one
-Sandpaper, we used two sizes (120 and 220) on an electric sander, we have this one too and I love it
13/16 Drill Bit or this one
Stain (I used Behr Early American B4516) this is optional
-Candles, this will depend on how many holes you drill, but my 4 foot long post has about 30 holes Amazon has some great options, but is the best price for lots of candles. Another trick, buy longer candles in bulk and cut them down if needed.

Total Cost: $58
$18 for the wood (can make 2), $5 for stain, $5 drill bit and candles. Your candle count will vary but I spent $30 on candles. I also was on the search all summer for discounts on candles and was able to get a bunch super cheap. I like to know the cost of projects before I begin. While this one is a bit more on the expensive side, I love how big of an impact this makes for parties and decor. This project can be used over and over again, which is why I was ok spending the money to make it!

Candle Holder Centerpiece

DIY Candlestick Centerpiece Tutorial

Step 1:

Cut your board to size. I got mine from the Home Depot, and they cut it in half for me for free. I ended up with 2 four feet long boards and 2 six foot long boards (I made 4 total). If you can’t get it cut, use a table saw to cut it to size.

Candle Holder Centerpiece
You can customize this to whatever size you want!

Step 2:

Sand your board down. Use an electric sander to do this quickly. I sanded first with 180 grit sandpaper until smooth and then finished it off with 220 grit paper.

wood beams
I used two sizes of sandpaper and sand a ton!

Step 3:

Measure your board. You will want a zig zag pattern and pretty even spacing. I did this for the first board, spend a lot of time evenly spacing the marks and measuring, and then for the second board, just put holes wherever I felt like. I prefer not measuring:)

candle holder centerpiece

Step 4:

Start Drilling your holes. You can use a small bit to mark the space and make a start for the larger drill bit, but I didn’t think to do this until after. Slowly start drilling the holes with the spade bit. Going too fast can split the wood. I had to put some pressure on the drill to get it going. You do not need to drill too far down, just deep enough to fit the candle about 1-1.5″ (no need to measure every hole though).

Candle Holder Centerpiece

Step 5:

Sand again. After drilling the holes, I went back over the whole top with sandpaper again.

Step 6:

Clean off the board with a damp cloth. I first vacuumed the whole thing to get the wood chips and dust gone, and then I used a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Candle Holder Centerpiece

Step 7 (optional):

Stain your board. I stained one of mine and left the others natural.

That’s It!! You are done and now you have this incredible centerpiece. This is perfect for home decor, parties, events, and any other time you want a fun setting.

Candle Holder Centerpiece

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t light your candles for the whole party/ event. Light them for either singing happy birthday, or when you are based in that area (ie: serving food, the beginning etc…)
  • Wax will likely drip and get onto the wood, use a credit card to scrape it off.
  • Please be safe around fire. Be aware of your surroundings, watch your children, and just be careful
  • Mix and match different candle colors for any holiday
  • Mix different height candles
Candle Holder Centerpiece

This project was so much fun to make and I love how it looks in my home. I love how easily you can customize it and switch it to your style and sizing. Please let me know on instagram or in the comments below if you end up making this Simple DIY Large Taper Candle Holder!

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