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The Ultimate List of Cute Easter Baskets for Kids

easter baskets

Putting together an Easter Basket for my child is one of my most favorite things. I love picking out functional items that will last + a few fun trinkets that will bring joy and fun. One of my favorite things to add to an Easter basket is a new swimming suit and an Easter Outfit for church. This year I am making my daughter her Easter Dress, but I may add in a few outfits as well. She is our first so we always have to buy new clothes in the next size so her clothing is really a necessity I disguise as a gift (mom hack). I love to add an activity that my husband and I can do with her and I can foresee in the future that maybe a family game will be included. Who knows. Easter for us is not Christmas and I don’t like going too overboard, but also want her to feel loved and celebrated as we celebrate the special Easter season. Here is the ultimate list of cute easter baskets for kids, and bonus ideas for fillers and activities you can do with your kids this season.

The Ultimate List of Cute Easter Baskets for Kids

1. White Wire Basket
2. Metal Wire Rectangle Basket with Fabric Liner
3. Pink Felt Bunny Basket
4. Pink Wire Basket
5. Pink Berry Basket- Only $1!
6. Bunny Basket
7. White Felt Basket
8. Flower Shaped Basket
9. Rope Baket– this would be perfect for toy storage after Easter-
10. Pink Bunny Basket-
11. Cloud Scalloped Edge Basket
12. Cream Waffle Basket-
13. Floral Embellished Basket
14. Woven Basket- This would be a darling planter after Easter- comes in two sizes
15. Canvas Basket- This would be great for toy storage as well
16. Pink Tufted Basket
17. Wire Easter Basket (large)- also comes in a small version (linked here-Wire Easter Basket (small))
18. Wicker Picnic Basket

Easter Basket Fillers

I don’t love to load my baskets up on candy, but it is Easter and a special occasion so I do like to add a few yummy treats. We also love to add necessary items that my child can use throughout spring/ summer. I will be adding a cute swimsuit, easter dress, and functional things.

Reeses Eggs– our favorite seasonal treat (not pictured)
1. Sidewalk Chalk
2. Bunny Towel
3. Tiger Towel
4. Bunny Stuffed Animal
5. Bunny Night Light
6. Bunny Bean Bag
7. Bunny Blanket
8. Grass Filler
9. Bunny Pillow
10. Bubbles
Chocolate Bunny
Jump Rope

Easter Activities

easter activities

Eco Friendly Egg Coloring and Grass Growing Kit
-Read Peter Rabbit with your child and then watch the movie with popcorn or themed snacks
-Dye Easter eggs together
-Color a Themed Easter Tablecloth– only $7.29
-Decorate a paper Mache bunny– only $5
-Paint Easter eggs– I love the idea of painting eggs instead or in addition to dying them- this kit comes with eggs that you can save and paint for only $5
Toilet Paper Tube craft– create fun characters out of paper tubes- you can buy the kit or use stuff around- only $5
Paint a wood Bunny-only $5
Paint a wood Easter egg– only $5
3 pack wood bunny painting kit– this kit is only $5 and comes with paint and 3 wood bunnies
Paint your own Easter Shapes– this kit comes with three easter shapes and is also only $5
Pom Pom Craft Kit– create fun animals with this cute kit for only $5
Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk– I love themed anything and this shape is perfect, less than $3 this would also be good in a basket
Egg Shaped Silly Putty-egg shaped everthing- this would be easy to split between easter baskets
Sidewalk Chalk– I love this box, it has bright bold colors for only $5
Rock Painting Kit– only $5
Paint your own canvas kit– $5 and so cute, save this for years to come
-Decorate a paper Mache egg– $5

Easter Decor

cute easter decor

Vase Filler Eggs-
Egg Wreath
Bunny Statue
Egg Garland
Bunny Pillow
Bunny Wreath-
Carrot Garland

Easter Ideas for Kids

Spring and Easter is such a fun and special time. We love to celebrate the special season and love that it means more family fun time. I hope to create special memories for my kids throughout their lives. I hope you enjoyed the ultimate guide to cute easter baskets for kids, as well as easter activities, and easter basket filler ideas.

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