Camping With a Baby

Camping with a baby should be fun and enjoyable, but it can end up being stressful and chaotic if you are not prepared. Camping looks different for everyone, but these 8 tips and tricks for camping with a baby will help you out in any situation.

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  1. If you are camping for the first time with your baby, choosing a place closer to home may be easier. This may help you learn how camping will go and give you peace of mind if you are nervous. You don’t have to choose a place close to home though, you can go where you want, but do some research ahead of time. Check how close the nearest hospital is, pharmacy, grocery store, etc. Hopefully those places are not necessary, but you are prepared just in case.

Packing for Weather

2. Pack appropriately for your child. Weather while camping can be unpredictable and can change so fast. Make sure you have warm clothes, even if the forecast isn’t supposed to be cold. Nights can be extremely cold while camping. Pack a few extra blankets and extra layers under a baby’s sleep surface to keep warm. Don’t forget to pack a few extra outfits as well for baby. Camping is dirty and your baby is bound to get dirtier than usual.


3. I highly recommend packing disposable diapers while camping. They are much easier to clean than cloth while you are out. Make sure to pack some extra as well. Don’t forget to pack a way to dispose of them so the smell doesn’t attract unwanted pests. I like to bring ziploc sandwich bags to stash them in.


4. Babies are luckily pretty easy, but they do require a few extra things. We love this portable high chair as a place for our baby to eat and to have her own place to sit. This chair is a safe and comfortable place for our baby to be and makes for a much more enjoyably camping experience.

We tend to pack pretty light when we travel, with the exception of camping because we want to be as comfortable and prepared as possible.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

5. Sunscreen and Bug Spray are extremely important while camping. We are pretty particular about the brands we use and what we use on our baby’s sensitive skin, but have found this and this to be the best sunscreen and this for bug spray.

Be diligent with applying sunscreen. Sunburns can occur in overcast weather and unexpected places. The last thing you want is a cranky baby who is sunburned and hurting.


6. Make sure to include your baby in your food prep. Whether it be formula, baby food, or whatever method you feed your baby, make sure you pack more than you think. When we are out all day on adventures camping, our baby tends to eat much more than she normally does, so we always make sure to have more food just in case.

Medical/ First Aid

7. Be prepared when you are camping. Pack a first aid kit with necessary items as well as medicine for baby. We usually have Tylenol, tooth oil, and any extra things that we may need in case a small medical emergency comes up. Pack extra first aid items for you as well. Aloe Vera is also a must have.

Make a Rough Plan

8. Part of the joy of camping is relaxing and not having a schedule, but camping can also bring about different challenges. It can be exhausting for your little one and you must not forget about their sleep/ nap times. When our baby gets over tired, it tends to be a rough night. Having some type of flexible schedule will help you plan activities for the day, but also hep you know when baby’s sleeping times are, so you are prepared.


Camping is super fun and should not be given up because you have a baby! Take a little bit of extra time before your trip so you can be prepared and have an enjoyable time while you are out!

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